Energy Series

Part 1:  Introduction to the Chakras

This class will cover a basic introduction to the chakras.  We will cover the 7 different chakras and explore their physical, emotional and spiritual importance to the overall well-being of the individual.

Part 2:  Healing/aligning the Chakras

In this class we will cover the importance of healing and alignment of the chakra.  Participants will be introduced to techniques that assist in discovering imbalances in a particular area and methods for healing.  We discuss the relation of the chakras to the divine energy and the importance of this alignment.  This class will also briefly discuss the law of attraction as it relates to healing and alignment.

Part 3:  Manifestation:  Body, Mind, Spirit alignment

In this class, we will discuss the process of co-creating as a result of full alignment of the chakras with the divine energy.  This class will also include a meditation designed to teach participants how to join themselves with divine energy and divine thought to co-create a life of peace, joy and love.

Part 4:  The Power of Balanced Energy

In this class we will examine the importance discipline and spiritual practice in maintaining balanced energy.  We will discuss the role of exercise, good eating habits and spiritual practices in helping us to achieve our goals and live the life of our dreams.

Transformation series (4 part series)

Shift and Transform is a 4 part series that uses the story of the exodus of Israelites from Egypt to Canaan as a backdrop to support you in transforming your life.  Through examining the events of their journey you can learn to transform your mind to support your transition from a life of sadness, disappointment and lack of direction to a life of purpose, joy and abundance.  This series will give you the tools needed to avoid the pitfalls of a negative imprisoned mindset.  The teaching will allow you to reprogram your mind to focus on the things necessary to achieve the life you desire; a life filled with the glory of the divine.

Life Lessons from the Bible

Part 1: 

Life Lessons from the Bible is a spiritual study on the power of healing through adversity. The book uses the story of the Tower of Babel to help the reader to see how the walls of protection that we often build as a result of past hurts and experiences only hinder our spiritual growth. It is a reminder that if we allow God to do His work in us, we will always find healing, hope and new life.

Part 2:

Learning how to live after you are healed from trauma is key to a successful life in Christ. Old habits, old mindset must be replaced with habits that truly reflect a mind ruled by Christ. Jesus hints to this understanding when he taught his disciples the parable of the empty house in Luke 11:24-25. The parable suggest that a man was cleansed of a bad spirit but, kept his house (body) empty. He did not fill his house with the Spirt of God; so, the unclean spirit that once lived there returned and even invited friends to come and reside! The old habits returned and were now harder than ever to remove! This is our warning; we must fill our house!  Filling our house with new thinking applies to every aspect of healing; losing weight, healing from cancer, healing from past hurts. In order, to maintain our healing, we must develop new knowledge and skills! In Life Lessons from the Bible, Vol. II we learn the key to sustaining our spiritual healing through the message of a tree called Abraham!

The Peace Series


Forgiveness is essential in the process of healing.  First the forgiveness of self from past mistakes and then forgiveness of others.  This very powerful course will begin with a lesson on the importance of forgiveness and culminate with a healing meditation and releasing ceremony.

The Cycle of life:  A lesson on Faith (single class)

This lesson will cover the meaning of faith.  We will discuss how faith empowers the individual to maintain a sense of peace and hope through whatever obstacles life throws our way.  We will examine some of the teachings of the Tao te Ching on water.  This class includes a meditation on trust and releasing ourselves to the power of the divine.

Joining and Abiding (single class)

This course will use a universal approach to teachings of Jesus Christ as a tool for understanding our relationship with the divine and how this relationship is vital to creating a life of purpose and fulfillment.      

Tapping into the Power of Intuition

In this course, we will examine the need for intuition as a guiding force for leading a life of empowerment.  We will study how the process of continual joining and abiding (previous course) allows the individual to become connected to a spiritual blueprint for their life purpose.  This course ties into manifestation by exploring the need the different techniques for receiving a vision to fulfilling a vision.

The Love Series: 

Accepting Unconditional Love

This course explore how unconditional love of self empowers the individual to grow and develop.  We will also discuss how loving ourselves unconditionally empowers us to love others without condition.  The course will take a look at the examples of unconditional love expressed within nature and the universe.

A Master of Love

This course will examine Don Miguel Ruiz’ book “The Toltec Guide to the Mastery of Love” as a backdrop to examine the meaning of love, its purpose and use.  How to receive unconditional love and give unconditional love.

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